Why is my sister being mean?

We’re home alone my sister’s obsessed with cleaning she loves it more than anything. I promised her I would clean for her before our mom comes home. That didn’t go well. Our moms still gone she’s working. I did clean but my sister didn’t think it looked it (which I was taking a break) She took her ds away from me (I was grounded and before she told my mom I would play my ds so I got even more grounded which she owes me I’ve been grounded ever since october) She took her ds away from me because the house wasn’t clean enough and I told her shes really making me mad. She took it away saying I was being mean. mI don’t know what 2 freakin do anymore any advice.

Answer #1

because eaither she likes to be mean or you did somthing

Answer #2

Welcome to the club ,my sis goes on like that.if she likes cleaning then why can’t she do it her self,or if she throws a tantrum like mine does untill someone cleans then ignore her and tell her throwing a tantrum won’t clean the house.

Answer #3

Okay, I suggest just asking her what she wants done, and doing it. Do what she wants for a while until your mom gets home just to keep her from getting really mad. Then have a conversation with your mom about your sister’s cleaning habits. She might have OCD.

Answer #4

OK if she likes cleaning so much she can do it herself. Find some other way to have fun and let her get over herself.

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