why aren't teens aloud to drink?

they are not hurting anyone else by doing it, its their choice and if thats really what they want to do, they should be aloud to do it, especially if they are seventeen and eighteen because at those ages, people are still in school, and they are going out and joining the army and stuff ,and risking their lives, so i think that if they are aloud to make that choice, then they should be able to make the choice to drink, its really none of anyones buissness to tell them not to and plus in some countries if you can see over the bar then you are aloud to drink. I just dont get it, or agree with it but there are a lot of other laws i dont agree with eighter but there is really nothing i can do about it so i guess ill just have to get over it.

Answer #1

Seriously? Teens aren’t allowed to drink because most of them are not mature enough to make good decisions, they are not well informed about what all the alcohol can do to them at that age, and they are irresponsible.

Most teens like to be wild and have fun without thoroughly thinking about the consequences.

Answer #2

Something about the brain still developing or something. Also, 18 year olds are still pretty young and don’t act wisely. As for the, their not huring anyone, thing. They can hurt other people. Some people are violent drunks. Some people are depressed druck, in which case, they could hurt themselves.

Answer #3

now a days, they basically are. although its illegal, most teens drink, probably half of teens in the united states have had a drink by age 15-16. its sick what the world has come down to. everyone thinks “nothing can happen to them” well trust me it can. your brain cells will be killed, you have a high risk of being addicted at a young age. take advice from someone who has just turned 18 and has been drinking since 14. it is not worth it, its fun but it gets old. not worth it, totally not worth it.

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yea u are right about the hurting thing but mabey if they did it inside their owne homes it wouldnt happen

Answer #6

Who liked this? Bahaha, random.

Answer #7

Also, they are not hurting anyone else? Not only are they harming themselves, but they can harm others as well. Drunk driving can not only k!ll the person driving under the influence, it can K!ll whoever the crash into. Also, when you are drunk…you can’t think straight, and make good desicions. If you get into a fight, you may end up k!lling someone…and not even know it! So, yes…they can hurt someone else by doing it.

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i liked it

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Thankyou!:D Ut was just a selling mistake fixer thing.

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yea but i mean just having a drink not getting drunk like i think they should be able to have at least one drink or at least in their owne home so that way there is a less chance of someone getting hurt

Answer #12

^That was not on purpose, I swear!

Answer #13

Sh!t, I spelled “it” wrong too.

Answer #14

lmao too funny and ur welcome

Answer #15

lol i did like a bunch of beer testings a couple hours ago with my dad :D i like ale! ^_^

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Who exactly is going to monitor their drinking to make sure they have one drink? And what teen is going to just have one drink in their own home while being monitored? Realistically (i.e. in the real world), the scenario you are talking about wouldnt happen. They make laws based on what happens in reality. Do teens in other countries grow up with wine at the dinner table, yes. Is that common in the U.S., no. Thus they tailor laws to fit culture and customs.

Answer #18

every young teenager is going to be rebellious because thats what we do. we rebel against the law, against what our parents want us to do. we just want to be cool. but it only takes one stupid drunk teenager to drive drunk & kill some innocent young mother or innocent person in general.

Answer #19

parents would monitor them and actually lots of teens would if they really wanted a drink that bad, at least the ones i know including myself thats how it already works for some teens, well where i am at least, but i do get what ur saying

Answer #20

Bottom line is that teens are not smart about drinking. The drunk driving fatalities decrease when there is a higher drinking age (yes, this is backed by research). So while there may be situations where it could be fine for teens to drink, as a whole, teens are not responsible about their drinking and so laws are created for everyone, not to try and fit to special circumstances. Also, teen brains are not fully matured. It is a lot more harmful developmentally for a teen to drink than it is for an adult to drink.

Answer #21

if a teen wants a drink ‘that bad’, that’s a problem. Which means the parent shouldnt be giving them alcohol.

Answer #22

:D :D

Answer #23

yes, true but people do it anyways

Answer #24

Where i live the legal drinking age is 18 so kids who know people that age can easily get them to get alcohol. My bestie’s brother is 19 so my friends and i get drunk on special occasions like birthdays, christmas and halloween :)

Answer #25

people do alot of things anyway. It doesnt mean its ok

Answer #26

i never said it was i just think at least 18 year olds should be aloud to drink because 18 is considerd an adult, and drinking is for adults but instead the adult has to be 21 and if you can join the army at 18 i think you should be able to have a drink

Answer #27

and the reason they moved it from 18 to 21 was because of drunk driving fatalities. Although I do agree. I think they should up the age of army recruitment to 21. If a teen can’t handle alcohol, what makes them that much better with guns.

Answer #28

oh, and it’s ALLOWED (aloud is what you do when you’re speaking).

Answer #29

ooh they did have drinking age at 18 before? and i dont get the allowed thing, i know u said its what u do when your speaking but i dont understand what it is

Answer #30

oh never mind i get it the spelling thing? i know thats how it is spet i just wasnt really paying attention they were just the first letters that popped in my head

Answer #31

In 1974 it was lowered to 18

Answer #32

teens shouldn’t drink as there bodys arn’t developed enough for the body to handle it.

Answer #33

In the US teenagers are allowed to drink alcohol under the supervision of their parents or spouse over 21.

Personally I think it is in everyone’s best interest for parents to teach their kids how to enjoy alcohol responsibly rather than just saying no which can lead to illegal binge drink with friends.

I”m a homebrewer and when guests are sampling my beer sometimes their kids will joke that they want some too. They seem shocked when I reply that it’s ok with me if it’s ok with their parents. So far none of the parents have taken me up on the offer.

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