Are you a smiley face?

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I smile all the time sometimes I smile when im mad, And sometimes you see 2 lines under my nose from smiling and laughing if I dont smile they will show! And they make me look like an old grany!

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no. Yall its. Not. A rocket science. Kind of. Question do you smile slot. are u happy. AlotGod. People. Im. Happy. All the. Time. I. Smile. And laugh all the. Time. LOL

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A smiley smiley? Or a frowny smiley?
If I was a smiley, I would be one of those confuzzled smileys... with the squiggly lines for a mouth, you know?

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I'm so tired of two faced people

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f*ck yeah I am!

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No Im a frowny face :(

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$ $


all the time...r u?

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I don't think it's a trick question, just want to know if you smile.
Yes, I'm a smiley.

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smile for me daddy haha :D

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Uh, No? Lol.

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lol love the random question i'm not a smily fce but i smile alot lol XD

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yes im a supa happy smiley
see !

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Pretty random...And last time I checked, I don't think so..

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fu*k yea!!!

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Oh yes, I'm definitely a smiley face. :) :) :)

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:)...yeaaa I am are u

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for sure =)

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no im a frowny face :(

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yeah. :)

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heck yes i am!!! XD

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