Are hip hop dancing and gymnastics sports?

is hip hop dancing a sport is gymnastics a sport I love both but I dont quite know so pleez tell me thanx allison

Answer #1

Yes I think they are because, they both envolve physical labor and you have to work hard to get to be good in both. I do gymnastics and I quit hip hop classes 3 days ago 4 cheerleading. My mom coaches me in gymnastics and she makes me work HARD!!!

Answer #2

I think so.

I definitely see them as sports, they both take a great deal of athleticism. you have to be really skilled to them good, and I’ve seen people train for that kind of stuff and it just seems crazy. I probably wouldnt be able to do it, I’d get to tired too fast.

so yeah, I see them both as sports.

Hope I helped

Answer #3

yup I think so

Answer #4

Yeah they are sport

Answer #5

yes they are a sport every thing is a sport

Answer #6

Some hip-hop dancing I see looks really hard, something I WISH I could do.

And gymnastics? hell yeah! I could NEVER in a million years do what some of those people do, it’s amazing.

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