Is dance a sport?

Is dance a sport because I think it is and people tell me its not, and I tell them it is.

Answer #1

I would call it a sport but my old dance teacher used to tell us off when we called it a sport because its a performing art

Answer #2

8okay heres the thing, I wouldnt really call it a sport, sports usually entitle a point system and opponents*

Professional dancers also have opponents and get points.

I’ll consider it a sport, since you are competing.

And physical endurance isn’t even a qualification for something to be a sport, after all, chess is a sport and there you have mental endurance.

Answer #3

I have been dancing for years and people always that its not but I believe it is a sport. It is mainly an art though

Answer #4

Dancing IS a sport, some may say its not but it is because you’re exercising and keeping fit and thats what sport is all about

Answer #5

YES you move about and jump dont you?

Answer #6


Answer #7

its totally a sport yeah performing arts I guess but especially if you compete then its really a sport I’ve been doing it for years and id like to watch the people saying its not a sport do it and deal with all the grueling dance coaches

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