Are Real Christians of a higher order than ordinary christians?

Some religious people refer to themselves as REAL christians. Do they represent a higher order of faithful than ordinary christians?

Answer #1

This is just ordinary sectarianism. Every sect thinks they hold the true way.

…aint delusion just grand?

Answer #2

Of course they aren’t. If anything, their pride should count against them.

Answer #3

I’ve used the term “good Christian”, with my own definition, I guess. They are deep believers who accept that the much of the world will continue doing as it does… They LIVE their lives in a Christian way…show by example…rather than talk about it. Like they say “talk’s cheap”…

Answer #4

Silverwings, constantly using dogma to convince non-believers to convert is also just empty words. You accomplish nothing by constantly repeating the mantra over and over. Try stepping away from the dogma, and discuss things with logic and reason, and then maybe you won’t sound like you are preaching. I have heard enough preaching in my life, I don’t need any more.

Answer #5

I think what Jimahl was referring to was a heart change.

and yes, without that,

words…are simply words.

Jesus died to bring about change in mans heart.

He is the only one that knows exactly what is in that heart,

and he is the only one that is qualified to judge that heart.

He has left instruction for us, thru his word,

and it is up to us, what we do with that word.

He said, “If… you love me… You will…Obey my commandments.

so, right there, is the kicker… (for lack of a better word )

If you mouth empty words, and your heart is not in it,


Answer #6

Amblessed, It is pointed out regularly that a person who does not have the Holy Spirit in his or her heart (like myself, apparently), can not understand the meaning of the extraordinary claims made by the faithful. Hence my ‘silly’ question… please do not patronize me for that… (True, you do not have to be a good person to go to Heaven! What a place that will be…).

Further, not all people are seeking a place in Heaven. In fact, I find it rather an insult to life and a deeply undignified ambition to long and prepare for such an unnatural concept. The natural world is vastly bigger and magnificent than your god!

Jesus’ execution was a tragic end of human life. The notion of his resurrection compromises the ‘tragic’ element to the core and renders the sacrifice pathetic.

Anyway, Jazlovestoskate’s observations seem indeed key to the answer: ‘…hardcore religiouse fanatics…’ and ‘… horrible cults…’.

Answer #7

The problem is phrannie, there are too many people who THINK they are leading a good christian life, but in reality only pay lip service to the teachings of christ. There are many so-called christian who think discriminating against certain groups of people is ok because their life style is different from their own. Or those who supported leaders in this country who have lied to us in order to start a war that killed hundreds of thousands in the name of “security”. Those who truly live like christ would never condone such behavior.

Answer #8

Silly question - a Christian is a person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior…there are no steps / ranks / ratings, there’s Salvation and Heaven to look forward to - their sins covered by the blood of Jesus, nothing they did or could do to earn it - being a good person will not gain Heaven - simply asked for forgiveness for their sins and opened their heart and asked Him in - some when He knocks on the door of their heart will wax cold and reject - a Christian is a Christian but then you knew that - doesn’t take a mental giant to understand - Christ’s blood makes them all equal, heirs, His…bought with a price…the cross.

Answer #9

Amblessed, please define “accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior”? Does that include just saying you believe in him, or is there something more to “accepting”?

I think most rational christians don’t consider themselves any more christian than other sects. But fundamentalists, although a small percentage of christians, are the ones who are the most judgemental, and actually believe their loving god is going to cast good people into hell for not believing, or not belonging to their particualr sect.

Answer #10

Of course they THINK they are. A common negative characteristic of ‘poorly-educated’ Christians is a feeling of superiority.

Then again, there are some Christians who have taken the time to educate themselves about their religion, and actually know a great deal about the Bible. They may have a better understanding of what it means to be Christian, and how to properly represent their faith.

I suppose the term ‘real christian’ could be applied in such a case, but considering what defines a christian is so vague and open for interpretation (30,000+ denominations) …it remains speculative…

Answer #11

I often refer to some people as real christians and I beleive those people are horrible hardcore religiouse fanatics who start horrible cults, lead churches and brainwash people into there religion while teacing them nothing about science, medicine, sex, ect and who put a lot of rediculous “sins” in the bible real christians are more like cult leaders because christianity has changed a lot over time

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