Are LCD screens better for your eyes?

Are Lcd screens better for the eye?

Answer #1

Along with good health practices when using the computer (taking breaks every 45 mins or so to stare into the distance for at least 2 mins) I would think the only real factor is the SIZE of the screen not whether its OLED,LCD/DLP/Plasma/Projector/or plain ol CRT!

This is because with a bigger screen you can either put the screen further &/or You also will not have to actively focus (contract) your eyes as hard to focus in on a smaller image (as would appear in a smaller screen)

In both cases reducing eye strain & possible associated symptoms like headaches.

The fact is, our eyes were built for looking into a distance which is why with a normal eye, one does not work as hard to focus an image in the distance as compared to an image being focused in the near area.

Answer #2

mrevol: Flicker is more noticeable when you’re running at a low refresh rate, yes, but all CRT monitors flicker.

Answer #3

The flicker,”in general” occurs only when one does not know how to adjust their computer or has a extremely crappy or old monitor/video card combo.

Answer #4

In general, yes. LCDs don’t suffer from flicker like CRTs do (especially badly configured ones).

Answer #5

Not necessarily.

In general LCDs are sharper than CRTs but not always but I’ve seen some very nice CRTs and some really bad LCDs.

For a long time I had a dual monitor setup with a CRT on one side and an LCD on the other. I generally used the LCD side for text and the CRT side for images. The LCD was sharper but the CRT had more vivid saturated colors and more contrast.

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