Plasma Tv Or Lcd Tv?

Should I look into buying a plasma or an lcd tv? I don’t know which would be better, last longer or have better picture quality. Can anyone give me some advice on whether I should get an LCD TV or a plasma TV?

Answer #1

It actually depends on several factors. Plasmas now don’t get the “burn Out” That old plasmas did. This means that a Plasma CAN infact last as long as a DLP or LCD TV. You also have to consider size of TV. If you are looking for a TV 37” or bigger you will get more bang for your buck with Plasma. If it’s smaller then LCD is going to be the better way to go. Also viewing angle. Plasma can be viewed from almost a 90 degree angle. If your set up has seeting that is to the left or right of your tv then plasma could be a better choice as the picture won’t distort as you move to one side of the TV.

All in all it’s about getting the most bang for your buck. My advice… Go to Best Buy where they have several TV’s on. Look at the picture and go with the one that looks the sharpest to you. Also ask them to show you the picture not in HD so you can see lower resolution as well. All stores normally show the TV in HD.

Answer #2

As I understand it, you’ll pay more for an LCD screen than you will for a plasma screen when you’re buying a new TV. However, with the higher quality price, you do get a longer lasting screen, as the plasma TV will need to be recharged every few years. So if you’re interested in having it for a long time & making sure it’s a solid investment for years to come, it’s a smarter move to buy LCD. Hope this helps.

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