how much does a new psp lcd screen cost or repair?

I have bought myself a new psp and I sat on it the first day and im pretty sure the screeen is not to be cracked or show stripes of mainly black and color so I was wondering how much would it cost to get it fixed and I live in nyc b.t.w so I need to find a place also would it be cheaper to fix it myself. but I kind of dont know how so if you say yea to me fixing it by myself please gimme the steps. thanx

Answer #1

their about $20 on ebay. or you can send it to sony for $85 and they will give you a brand new psp

Answer #2

If you just bought the new psp, it should be under warranty, ask the store about getting it fixed, etc, as it’ll probably run about half the cost of the purchase price to get it fixed (as lcd screen parts aren’t cheap).

Answer #3

depends on your model and if ya know how to do it.but as thedude said it should be under warranty

Answer #4

if you just got it, it shood b covered on a warranty… you mite b able to get it fixed at best buy, but im not sure how much that wood cost

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