Does anyone else like dead plants?

I know its cliche, but i keep a dead rose in my room. i think dead plants are beautiful, in almost like an insightful kinda way :3 if that makes sense.

Answer #1

I do, haha, more than live plants too. I don’t know why but I find a dead tree, or flower much more beautiful than in its life.

Answer #2

I do too. O.o

Answer #3

i do. Ther so mysterious and romantic. but appaerntly they bring bad energy into the housr cuz ther dead. its to do with fungshway.

Answer #4

I have 4 dead trees in my barn. Neatly chopped to handy pieces. They are great to warm you in wintertime. If you have a stove or a chimney.

Answer #5

i do. i have a bunch of dead roses in my room <3

Answer #6

i do not know the answer to this…

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