Anyone else hate life?

is there any one else out there who hates life like I do? do you ever just want to die? well thats how I feel. I just hate life. and theres no reason to live!!! so why am I still living?

Answer #2

lol, I hate life, kinda sucks doesnt it, but my parents have everything locked up so im stuck.

Answer #3

emohotguylover12 and jaes,

You two are simply feeding on each other. Try using Fun Mail and maybe telling each other some of the POSITIVE things in your lives. If you always dwell on the negative then things will turn out negative.

Check out the site below.

  Information on teen depression:

Answer #4

im not any kind of label, im jaes the girl who does and wears whateva she feels like, and my teacher was like omg you did so good last year in 8th grade, and now you have an f , and im like well a lot has changed, what is the point in doing well if hey I might kill myself anyway?didnt actually say the last part to him

Answer #5

yea. I dont drink but I will have to give it a try. I just hate how everyone expects me to be this sweet innocent little girl…im not…IM NOT!!! I hate life and I am not a goody 2 shoes!!! they just dont get it!!! ugh

Answer #6

it sucks worse than anything in the world, and everyone always says snap out of it, like I chose to hate living, and be sad, what I do is drink, and lay in bed

Answer #7

lol. nice. yea I shud try some…wouldnt hurt. yea I know wt you mean, I hate my counsler. I spend most of my time crying and no one gives a f**k. grades are going down. so yea I am in the same situation you r in. it suxs!!!

Answer #8

yeah I know all about depression and pain, parents who dont give a crap just as long as you satisfy your needs, needy older siblings, stupid counslers, spending the day in bed crying, grades plummeting faster then you can comprehend, been there ,done that ,still there

ok, no one waits till they are 21 to drink

Answer #9

no not really… I acually love it… the good and the bad… except life for what it is…a journey of obstacles you have to overcome… and tackle them head on…life can be fun and interesting… we people decide to make the worst of bad times you dont have to… learn to love the good and the bad…brighten up and smile…peace

Answer #10

well d_dog…most of my friends dont give a sh*t bout me and my family is 2 busy to even notice me so wt else am I supposed to do?

Answer #11

me 2!!! I just dont want to live with all this pain and depression!!! =’(

Answer #12

of course everyone has some hard times…but think of all the great things in your life! and all the people who would miss you if you did anything to yourself…your family..friends…everyone you were put on this earth for a reason…enjoy every minute of it! there are so many things to do out in the world…look at life in a new way..a positive way…whenever you think something bad is happening in your life look at it as a lesson to learn from..everything happens for a reason and this means something better is coming along for you…relax and enjoy life…think of everything in a positive way and you will not believe how much your life will be changed…tell me how everything goes!!! good luck :)

Answer #13

haha don’t resort to drinking show them what your made of and how you are, show them who you want to be, if they dont get it show them again… Do not resort to drinking to make you happy, I did around your age and did it for awhile it messes you up because you are underdeveloped thats why there is an age limit. It won’t do anything but harm to yourself sorry if it isnt what you wanted to hear, its all I can really say I can’t stop you only warn you.

Answer #14

but im underage. I have to be 21.

Answer #15

exactly!!! thank you jaes!!! im stuck 2. I just wish I could just die peacefully…if theres no other way

Answer #16

lol, you dont know how many times I’ve had that wish of just not waking up

Answer #17

if you really think that then ask yourself are you ready to let your family suffer after you die at an early age? what will happen if you do kill yourself just for nothing? if you can clearly say that they won’t care and neither will anyone else, then feel free to do so. just think about everyone you know. and how you effect them if you do.

Answer #18

omg you sound JUST like me, lol my parents dont srink and stuff so I have to find other methods, aka mouthwash

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