Anybody know what this is?, or have it?

Random question: okay I know what this is and I have it, but has anyone ever heard of a platlete counter 7 defect and a heart murmur or hemophilia (sorry if I didnt spell that right).and / or does anyone have it? I just feel like im an odd ball cause girls rarly get it...

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A friend of mine's son is a Hemophiliac. He has a valvue in his heart where they give him med's twice a day, funny little kid, he wears helments and knee pads when playing

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those are clotting disorders, and are usually inherited. a heart murmur is when the heart makes a sound that isnt normal, can be caused by a bunch of heart defects or anatomy abnormalities. some are troublesome, others are totally harmless.

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my mom has a really bad heart murmur lol

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