any doctors using this???

hey, I’ve missed my period for about 4 month now and im getting worried and when im asleep or just sitting I get the feeling that im falling. and I was reading this article thing and it said it could be a sign of a brain tumor. this makes me more wierd but I feel uncomfortable talking about stuff like that to anyone. does anyone no what could be the problem as I simply dont have the time to go to the doctors confidentially. is it just stress??? I cut and things too … could that be a reason why everything is going wierd. someone help me please x

Answer #1

well you should tell an adult or something… some one you trust so they can help u. then when you have the time defintely GO TO THE DOCTOR! I don’t know if cutting urself is the rite way to go and I don’t know if it is the cause of your problem… but you should c someone about that defintelly!! I rilly hope you get better!!! =]]

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