Ok, so I am a person who basically has to get everything right. But if I get something wrong, like the answer to a question, I cant stop replaying it in my mind, and beating myself down for it, and this happens fro at least 24 hours, so then I just totally give up in that clas or whatever. And then I get really super worried that people will laugh or mock me even months after it happens, normal?

Answer #1

im going to be brutally honest its not normal but you shouldnt be ridiculed for it.its ok to be wrong.if you dont make mistakes you cant grow.its a part of isnt perfect and since your apart of life neither are u.all you need to do is look at it and your self of the smartest people who has ever lived once said’ “I thried a thousand ways to make a light bulb before I found the right one.but I never failed.I just found a thousand different ways how not to make a light bulb.I just needed to find one to make it instead of beating urself up put that emotion into a solution like sk sai said.remove fail from your vocabulary and anything is possible.your next step is not caring what anybody thinks of your doing.and I say doing because there is no try.just do and do not.(thank you yoda).dont you think anyone who saw benjamin franklin flying a kite in a lightning storm said hey look at that crazy a**hole what is he retarted or you really think old ben cared.nothing great has ever been done with fear in the heart.greatness so it is said is only acheived when doubt is just a learn from your mistakes do not regret them.were only human.and as a human the only limitation is perfection.because perfection is also just a eliminate those words to eliminate limitation(perfect,fail,right,wrong,maybe,cant…ect)u asked your self this question before you came here because its your opinion that matters most so keep that in mind and forget what others think or say.there just jelous anyway.u came here looking for help wisdom and guidance and that is the only words from any person that gives it you should listen to.everyone esle is either with you or in your way and you dont seem like the type of person that gets beaten by an obsticle.just remember you can be better but not the best…noone can so stop doing that to urself because you dont want the biggest obsticle to you you do u.

Answer #2

I don’t think I would call it simply a ‘perfectionist’ I think more like an obsessive compulsion. the shear fact that you allow it to affect your other work is the problem.

no one is ever 100% right 100% of the time, fact…no matter what people say, everyone has weakness’s and strengths…you need to sit down, work out what your naturally good at, and what your bad at.

for example, I recently had an anatomy and physiology exam…and I was TERRIBLE at the nephron and the cardiac cycle, I knew I was, but I also knew it was essential that I understand them. so I focussed a HUGE amount of energy on my weakness, and I studied and studied and then a bit more study lol! the point it, that everyone will get things wrong sometimes…and that’s fine, you just need to learn.

have you tried ‘refelctive wirting’? it’s where you literally sit down, and write the event. if you use GIBBS REFLECTIVE CYCLE its excellent, it guides you through what happened in an event, what you did, what others did, what the outcome was and if you could have done anything different. this enable you to look at, constructivly, what happened and if your actions could have, realistically, be different.

you need to learn to accept decisions and choices and understand that at the time, that was appropriate and if not, then next time you’ll do this instead of that. we use these for nursing, because we do make mistakes and that it fine, thats after all, how we learn…

p.s just google gibbs reflective under image and it will bring up the very easy chart!

Answer #3

That totally happens to me too! Like, every single mistake of my life goes through my head over and over every day. Don’t worry-no one’s perfect. Try to learn from your mistakes, and let go a little.

Answer #4

So, would it be alright to call it being a perferctionist?I knew somebody in high school who was like that, except he didn’t give up in whatever it was and I don’t think you should either. He would literally stop at nothing to find that answer if he ever got it wrong.Then break it down and figure out How he got it wrong, and etc. I don’t know if its normal, but I’ve met people that do that. And I’m sure most people are worried if people are going to mock or laugh at them when they get something wrong, but not a lot of people actually do. I’m not very sure about this topic though. Sorry.

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