Can you become thin by using laxatives and being vegetarian?

is it true that by using laxatives and being vegan you can become thin

Answer #1

I’ve been vegan since for only 5 days and have lost noticable weight. dont use laxatives tho-that screws you up more than you know. and ALSO, for every vegan you save like 90 animals a yr or somethin, and in turn helps stop world hunger :o)

Answer #2

Yes this is true, but you are risking yourself especially with laxatives to not receive adequate nutrition

As a female this will mess with your fertility, overall body growth as well as mental health at a certain point.

However being a vegan will make you very fit if you have the guts to avoid meat (which I could never beef too much) but also you need to get consultation on getting your proteins or get supplemental nutrition so you dont lose out on the protein that meat supplies (plants dont offer much of this)

Some famous vegans that look good (thin) are Brad Pitt

there are also studies that show vegans have overall higher iqs but I believe these are skewed.

Answer #3

Do NOT use laxatives. I am not just saying this because I have heard it is bad…I am saying this because I myself was stupid enough to use them. at first I just did it to make my stomach look smaller on the weekends when I was going out or wanted to look good. sure it worked for a little while, but pretty soon I found myself using them all the time, it became my excuse to eat sweets and junk that I normally told myself I couldnt eat. pretty soon, I became so dependent on them that I found myself addicted. I would get really bad stomach cramps as well and would suddenly have to use the restroom or I would explode. also, after a while your body will become accustomed to them and they wont work anymore. then your body will have accumulated a ton of fat around the waist, and you will end up with a ton of cravings for foods that you ate(bad foods) while using them. you will end up gaining weight! THEY WILL MESS YOU UP!!!

I recommend veganism, but the only way you wil stick to it is to do it for the right reasons–becasue you want to live healthier or lose weight in a healthy way. this will give you results as long as you are a HEALTHY vegan—meaning you eat healthy foods!

Answer #4

Abusing laxatives is not a healthy way to loose weight.

Going vegan will not automatically result in weight loss. Potato chips and soda are vegan. You still have to make good food choices to loose weight.

To avoid some confusion vegan is more than diet, it is also a lifestyle. Vegans eat no meat, fish, foul, dairy or animal products but they also wear no leather, fur, bone, wool, or other things made from animals.

Some people refer to a vegetarian diet that includes no eggs and dairy as a pure vegetarian diet.

If you are interested in a pure vegetarian diet for health reasons read some books by Dr. John McDougall.

digataltrix, there really is no problem getting protein on a vegan diet. Anyone who eats a variety of healthy foods gets plenty of protein. Nearly any diet that provides sufficient calories has plenty of protein as well unless someone tries to survive on just apples and bananas. Dr. McDougall talks a great deal about our protein myths if you look up any of his books.

Answer #5

No, laxatives rid your body of your water weight, severely dehydrating it and possibly causing permanent internal damage, and I wouldn’t reccomend them unless you are constipated! If you want to be vegan, do it because you believe in it, not because you want to lose weight! Just drink water, exercise regularly, and eat healthy and you will lose weight without harming your body! Good luck!

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