How do you become thin as a japanese teenager?

Hi, Im 14 and im 161cm and I weigh 53kg I wonder how can I become thin as a japanese 14 year old? Can you please give me any good tips?

Answer #1

haha wow it depends on what jappenese teenager you want to be as thin as… but you just need to exercise and eat healthy and thet does not mean ordering a salad at mds. that means you should probably cook all your own meals and eat a lot of itallian food and jappenese food and stuff but the reall kind not the kind you get from the food court in the mall. and eat three meals a day dont crash diet and drink ATON of water. and then youll become as thin as you need to be. you know curves are good on a girl… right? and maybe all thoes boys want stick thing girls right now but when you get older thell be like ugh that girls got no boobs! lol

Answer #2

how about become a vegetarian or if you absolutely need meat..only eat white chicken or fish..tuna..NO soda!! wheat bread instead of white..also you have to be active..take up a sport or exercise a few days a week if you try to cheat on your diet it won’t work

Answer #3

try to go for a gym daily simple


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