How do i become fat and gain weight ?

Hi I am 26 year old guy, earning, and settled... only one problem,

I am very thin (just 50kg weight, most of it is in bones), also skinny. please give some good advice to become fat.
I tried to go to gym but no use as I dont have any muscles that I could shape !
Someone told me to eat potatoes, so for one month I ate 8kgs of french fries but still no use.
I am alergic to banana, excpet that I have tried everything but no use :(

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Have you ever tried smoking Marijuana? It helps me gain my appetite and relieve my nausa after giving birth to my son. I know smoking it helped me with gaining weight. Now im not trying to offend anyone I'm just giving advice that worked for me.

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I also tried surviving on just junk food from hardees, pizza hut, apple bee and food truckers (I dont like kfc and burger king) also, but that also didnt help much, as I didnt gain any weight but just developed acidity :(
as far as diseases go, I havent got any, I dont even remember when I was sick last time, now what do I do ?

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mcdonalds, burger king, KFC...

the choices are endless

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