What is a socialist state?

Please!!! I’m doing a speech tomorrow and need to know this!!!

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OMG RILEY!!! HEYYY BFF! WHAT’S UP?!?!?! I dont know I’ll look it up! It’s also known as socialist republic It can carry one of several different (but related) meanings.

Strictly speaking, any real or hypothetical state organized along the principles of socialism may be called a “socialist state”. The term “socialist republic” is used by the socialists whom wish to stress that they favor a republican form of government. In addition to, since socialism claims to represent the interests of the working class, a lot of socialists submit to a state organized according to their principles as a workers’ state.

According to Marxism, socialism is a act of social and economic development that will most likely replace capitalism, and will in turn, be replaced by communism. Thus, in Marxist terms, a “socialist state” is a state that has eradicate capitalism and is moving towards communism.

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google it

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Hahaha thank you Nara!!! I LOVE you sooo flippen much!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥!!! Hhahaha I learned that from you!! But thanks!!! And I’m good, what about you???

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Ahhh!!! Thanke you!!! Your words will be said with strong fearsom strength!! Lol NVM. =D

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I found some info. on wikipedia :D

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a state that has abolished capitalism and is moving towards communism

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Ugh. Anything but that? Just one flat out answer, not a whole page to read!

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