Another drunken kiss

I was at a party the other day and most people were pretty out of it including myself. Anyway, this girl I know comes up to me and starts hugging me and just doesn't let go while I'm talking to someone else. Then she just kisses me on the cheek. I, in my drunken state of mind, take a chance and start kissing her, and she's not stopping me or anything. I then spend the rest of the night talking to her pretty much and then when I'm about to leave she gives me this big hug.

Today I found out she has a boyfriend who is like 29 while she is only 17 and so am I. So, basically I know what happens at parties and everyone gets drunk but she has a boyfriend and pretty much started off our bout of kissing, even though I may have initiated the first kiss on the lips. So, I don't know if that actually meant something to her, if I mean something to her, or if it was just a stupid drunken party mistake.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I second AKUMOS advice...stay away from this girl untill she ends it with her man...and if time goes by(not a lot of it)and she dosent forget about it.

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If the older boyfriend is the jealous type, you better hope he doesn't find out.

She might have just been drunk and wanted someone to kiss, or she has liked you a long time and took a chance to see if you liked her. Either way it sounds like trouble.

Why don't we kiss on the cheek in the US as a greeting?

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