What do i do, should i tell my fiancee that i kissed another man?

I've been with my boyfriend for 3.5 years. We got engaged 1.5 years ago and will be maried next month. In a moment of weakness, stress, and anxiety, I kissed a co-worker while on our 15 minute break. We planned on meeting on our day off but I canceled that plan and it never went any further. I'm completely in love with my fiance. What this other guy gave to me which my fiance didn't was attention. After the incident I talked to my fiance about my need for more attention and love. Since then he has worked on it a lot and we are a lot happier. The question is though, should I tell my fiance about the incident. I told him that a co-worker tried to kiss me, and he just laughed. He wasn't surprised and believes me to be irresistible, so he expects guys to hit on me and for me to turn them down. He trusts me so fully, I'm afraid that it will cause more damage then good. What should I do?

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I know. its stupid. I've never been like that before. allowing a cute guy to flirt and becoming attracted to him never happen to me. I havne't said anything and probably won't. it was only a kiss, and it meant nothing really. just made me realize how good a kisser my fiance is.

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first of all honey! you cnt start a relationship based on lies! you will feel guilty during the marriage and dats not good for you sweety! you need to be honest with him tell him it was a big mistake and ull never do it agian! if he really loves you he will forgive u! I hope this help! good luck!

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I think telling your fiance has a high potential of screwing your relationship up. If you know for certain that he will not find out through this coworker what happened, I'd personally keep it to yourself; however, if there is a possibility that he could find out, you may want to reevaluate that. That's a really tough decsion though.

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