Misery i've kissed another guy and he found out

I have been dating this guy for 2 years now and he means everything to me. But I've kissed another guy and he found out. We almost did break up but I am so glad he gave me another chance. But since then we have been fighting more than anything. I really don't want to lose him.. I am really sorry for what I did and he knows that and I wished it never happened. But my feelings for him are stronger now than it ever was, why is he giving up on me? What can I do to make him feel strong about me again?

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you know guys dont give any shhhitt after you try to cheat on him you know... you feel stronger for him because you felt the guilt what you have done. So he dont really care bout you. so why dont you just move on. I mean it's hard to move on but takes some time dont let him beat your heart all the time.. in my opinon, I wouldnt want to lose him either but hey you will find someone. Dont blame everything on yourself. Everybody make mistakes once in a life time. if you dont want to let him go. Cry as much as you want girl but you know at the end you will feel stupid for that silly guy. lol. so hey dont feel bad okies... tk now...

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