How can you tell if a bed is a full sized bed, or a queen?

My bed looks like a full size bed, but everyone says it’s a queen. How do you tell?

Answer #1

I Think A Queen Is Bigger.. I Asked.. Before I Bought Ask At Least 5 People Neighbors Friends.. Get Lots Of Feedback..I Think It’s Based On Width

Answer #2

Well, I know a queen is bigger… but by just looking at my bed, I can’t tell whether or not it is the size of a full, or a queen.

Answer #3

In the US, a queen bed feels quite a bit bigger than a full size (also known as double). In fact most men end up with their feet going off the end of a double bed.

Full size is 54 inches wide x 75 inches long

Queen is 60 inches wide x 80 inches long

Then there’s King… My favorite. same length as a Queen but 76 inches wide. Perfect for couple where one of them likes to sleep diagonally!

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Answer #5

my bf wants to get a California king bad, i’m a little apprehensive its so going to be gigantic haha

Answer #6

lol no, you’ll love it. But do start looking for kingsize sheets on sale otherwise they are so much more expensive!

Answer #7

oh my! lol i mean i guess it will be easier to sleep right now were on a full size bed and it can get a little crowded especially when i sleep all over the place lol.

Answer #8

it usually say it on the tag

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