how would I know if I was anemic?

how would I know if I was anemic?

Answer #1

you will get really light headed really easily, the inside of your eye lid will be more white than red, and then you will be really tired all the time…

Its best to get it checked by a doctor…

Answer #2

you would have to get blood drawn at the doctor to get a proffesional opinion, and I highly recomend that because anemia is very bad! sympoms may include: drowsness, often has the shakes, reoccuring blackouts from lack of nutrtion, fatigue, loss of instrest in certain actevities, and a lot more. You can google it for the completle list.

Answer #3

You’ll have to get blood test.

I suffered from bad anemia when I just started my period.

Basically, paleness, tiredness…sleeping more that 10 hours a day, nausea, shakiness, lightheadedness ie. blacking out are probably the most common symptoms

Answer #4

You’d have to get some blood tests done by a doctor in order to officially say you are or aren’t anemic.

Answer #5

Yeah you should get it checked by a doctor.

Answer #6

See a doctor, they’ll be able to figure it out.

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