Biological clock, how would you know?

How would women know that their body is telling them that it is time for her to have a baby?

Answer #1

I agree with Pinkpearl (again ;)), but there are some women, who after going through puberty, have “urges” to have kids. I think it’s biologically normal to want to reproduce once you reach a certain age. However, it’s not always noticibly strong, and despite it, I’m certainly not going to have kids for a long time… not till I’m married anyway.

Answer #2

It doesn’t work like that. When you hear the phrase.. “My biological clock is ticking” it just means that time is running out. Women don’t usually decide to get pregnant for the first time at the age of 45, for example. So a 34 year old woman might be hurrying up to have kids if she hasn’t started yet. Women generally like to conceive between the ages of 20 and 35.

As far as deciding when, that’s such a personal decision and needs to be based on your financial status and your maturity level.

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