Why do Americans call chips "French Fries"?

Answer #1

thickly cut strips of potato are called Chips and thinly cut strips of potatoe are called fries or french fries theres a difference between them. Over here you can buy frozen french fries and bags of frozen chips to :)

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Answer #3

why do poeople from the united kingdom call them chips? :0

Answer #4

Chips are thin and crispy, served cold; French Fries, short for French-fried potatoes, are strips of potato fried in fat, which originated in Belgium, but were named by the French speaking army…hence, “French Fries”

Answer #5

Yeah :) and what you call chips are crisps for us..

Answer #6

Becasue chips are “chips” of potato

Answer #7

haha ohh :) mmmk lolol

Answer #8

Why dont they just call them chips like we do?

Answer #9

because theres loads of differences between British-English and American-English terms and words for certain things and most commonwealth countries say Chips and french-fries were made popular by the likes of Mcdonalds ect.

Answer #10

Here in Trinidad we call them chips too. Maybe it has to do with part of our British heritage

Answer #11

However, Americans do refer to fried white fish and fried potato strips as “Fish and Chips.” Enjoying them with malt vinegar is largely unknown in the US and only seems customary in Canada and in US border towns.

Answer #12

Cause we have a different food that we call chips.

Answer #13

Why do you NOT call them french FRIES?

Answer #14

chunks of potatoes. not chips.

Answer #15

Why don’t they just call them fries like us? :o]

Answer #16

we named them first.

Answer #17

so then you also call them crisps like we do.

Answer #18

we called them chips before you guys called them french frys.

Answer #19

The same reason why Americans spell centre like center. Because they can. It is called having your own identity. So anytime you go America and your say yes when you are asked if you wants chips with that and then you have a confused face when they hand you a bag of lays, everyone will know you are not from America.

Answer #20

The way they are cut is called being “frenched.” You can french any kind of food, but it happens to be potatoes that became the popular one, and they’re fried. Frenched, fried potatoes.

Answer #21

it would take far too long for me too fully explain so ill make it short,,, its cuz im a boss, nuff said :)

Answer #22

how do you know?….

Answer #23

because he french actually “cut” the potatoes before frying them and the us when they made “home” fries which are just shredded potato pretty much when the design of the french started being used they became known as french fries

Answer #24

reference this site: http://funadvice.com/r/3jvf6cr8cn. Americans invented crisps, idk why we call them crisps, but we named French fried potatoes chips before us named them French fries. [btw, i hope i am not contributing to a huge argument and causing trouble over this topic]

Answer #25

because we’d confuse them with potato chips.

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