What do you dip your french fries into?

I mix mayo, ketchup, tabasco, and tonys to dip mine into.

Answer #1

i dip my chips into mayo,brown sauce or tomato sauce :D

Answer #2


Answer #3

i dip mine in ranch sauce. it’s so good.

Answer #4

im the same as liz but no mayonnaise… i know a bird that dips them into her mcdonalds milk shake.. she’ll then lick it off and eat the chip.. ‘if you wanted a salty milk shake sweetheart id have put some canal water in it for ya’ … ‘oh but it tastes good! want some?’ then she’ll dip 1 in and wave it in my face ‘go on try it.’ ‘erm, no’ ::|

Answer #5

my friends like that but she does it with a Mcflurry :|

Answer #6

Ketchup… I’m old fashioned. :P

Answer #7

Myne was food; guess i loved food and as much as i do now :D

Answer #8

when its hot i get vanilla ice cream & dip my french fries in it. (:

Answer #9

Ketchup or BBQ sauce

Answer #10

Chocolate milkshakes :)

Answer #11

i mix ketchup and ranch

Answer #12

pretty much anything: (some of these may sound a little wierd) ketchup, honey, icecream, bbq sauce, anything that sounds good

Answer #13

Ketchup or Ranch. Sometimes BBQ sauce or honey mustard. Also french fries into wendy’s chocolate frosty’s isn’t too bad either.

Answer #14

Does no one do a classic shake dip? You know where you got that chocolate shake and your fries over there and you dip the tip of the frie…oh boy im hungry now. hehe

Answer #15

RANCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i love ranch!!

Answer #16

catsup or mcdonalds sundae :-)

Answer #17

some ppl are just crazy lol

Answer #18

BBQ sauce :)

Answer #19

kethcup, queso dip, bbq sauce, or honey mustard:)

Answer #20

mc chicken sauce

Answer #21

ice cream.. mint chocolate chip.. THE BEST

Answer #22

mint n chip is my favorite ice cream! and cookie dough :P oh my..

Answer #23

on my.. cookie dough is my second fav.. woah…

Answer #24

Red Chili Pepper Dip. Yum! (^^,)

Answer #25

Oh wow…

Answer #26

A lot of things…Iv dipped them in ketchup, mustard, ranch, BBQ, and even milkshake :)

Answer #27

milk shakes (: trust me its yummy ^.^

Answer #28

Ranch, ketchup, Tartar sauce, Melted cheese :D

Answer #29


Answer #30

ketchup, honey mustard sauce, or sweet and sour sauce

Answer #31

try ice cream yumm

Answer #32

Ketchup, Ranch, Ice Cream……ummmmm yea. XD

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