McDonalds french fries: soft or crunchy?

Is a soft mcdonalds french fry better than a crunchy one? lol. seriously, though. is it?

Answer #1


Answer #2

i love the soft ones mm with sweet n sour _the crunchy ones r okay but i love the softies!

Answer #3

Hm, actually, I prefer the crunchy mcdonald’s french fries.

Answer #4

Both. Half crispy, half soggy.,

Answer #5

i think crunchy is better

but then again i’m not allowed to have them so oh well

Answer #6

crunchy all the wayy. i dont like the soft ones they don’t seemed cooked right for me so i pick them out and don’t eat them =]]

Answer #7

Crunchy!, but the soggy ones are good too . Lol ..

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