How does the American health care system work?

I am curious, how does the American Health care system work. Overhere we have private hospitals which are for people with medical aid (or as some would say health insurance) and then public hospitals which are for people who cannot afford health care, so that they can get it really really cheap.

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That’s the problem. In America, it doesn’t work. ;-P

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yes,one thing i know..america YOU ARE EXPENSIVE!!!

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Yep. I never expected to pay so much taxes here. So much for “Come to America! The Free and land of opportunity” Only if you speak English and have some sort of inheritance. :P

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Health care is the best in the world…IF you can afford it. If you can’t, then it’s not very good. Public hospitals will take anybody who can’t pay, then bill you later.

The problem is though, there are tons of insurance companies that say they will cover things, then refuse payment, and you practically have to sue them to get coverage…it’s their way of seeing if they can have their cake and eat it too.

There is a public health program in Oregon that’s OK in some ways…but, there are issues there as well, nevermind the national program that people have been debating about.

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Thank you.

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You’re welcome. Next time I see my south african friends, I’m going to have to quiz them extensively on your system over there :)

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Lol. Just refrain from asking them about the public health care system unless you know them really well. It can be a sensitive issue. lol.

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Previously there was a symbiotic relationship between healthcare and insurance providers in which the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical companies could inflate their prices without risk of losing the patronage of the public both by virtue of the service provided and as the accumulated insurance pool exceeded the inflated demand. The insurance companies benefited from the inflated prices as this mandated patrons to buy coverage in order to be able to afford the costly services. It was far from idyllic.

Since the passing of what we have euphamistically referred to as “Obamacare”… the federal government has sanctioned the symbiotic relationship requiring all but those people living well below the poverty line to acquire health insurance or face a fine that is to be graduated over the years of its inception with no cap set on insurance premiums nor on federal fine levied. This is the bill championed by left partisans… one that only benefits the the industry.

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Personally, if I moved to France, I’d expect I’d do better if I spoke French…if I moved to Germany, I’d expect I’d do better if I spoke German…etc etc etc….that almost seems to be a “given”…

When I came in off of living on the streets, I started working at minimum wage…I applied myself to my job, learned all I could learn about my position and the position of others, and moved up the ladder. Nothing in life is free….you get back what you put in…

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In America, people drink, smoke, and take illegal drvgs now and then. They rarely exercise once they’re past the age of 15, and almost everyone gets overweight and worries a lot. Then, just as they develop high blood pressure and diabetes, they start to go bankrupt due to health care bills. That’s when they start voting regularly and complaining about how poor the health care system is. That’s how the American health care system works. It’s cool. :D

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Have you read about the new health care plan made manditory by the govt, It would cost me around 600,00 per month, wow what a deal !!!!!

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Hard to read the typing on these posts! Maybe I’ll start adding an extra space between words, like I have in this post.

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