America's Next Top Model

I think it’s sickening that these young, beautiful girls are going on this show only to be told they aren’t pretty or thin enough to become models. Even in the adverts you can see the girls being knocked down by really horrible comments. They have got in their minds that to be beautiful they have to do everything a certain way, wear tonnes of makeup, and even when they are thin lose 5 more pounds.

Does anyone else really hate the show America’s Next Top Model? What are your views on it?

Answer #1

I like that show…and they hardly ever tell girls they have to lose weight on that show. a plus size model won just a few seasons ago. but really, if you want to be a model, then you shouldnt be shocked to find that people criticize you-its sorta in the job description

Answer #2

well the modelin industry is based on bein judged on your looks whether you like it or not … if you can’t take the truth then I think its not the right carreer for you … its a great show even tho they judge so harsh but it gives you an insight on the real modelin industry …

Answer #3

I completely disagree. I think modeling is an industry made for this and it has nothing to do with how pretty they are I mean half the girls on that show aren’t even pretty they try and help them correct their modeling.

Answer #4

um yea I watch it as well but not that often caus I hate it…

Answer #5

I love that show! Yeah, it’s wrong, but it helps fill my wednesday nights after hardcore studying.

Answer #6

I just thought of another complaint – in Australia’s Next Top Model, they’re allowed to show them topless on tv. I think that would really make a positive impact here in the states.

Answer #7

If one go into an industry that demands its participants be thin and pretty, why would I feel bad for someone being judged on their qualifications to work in their chosen profession? In most any other job, you would be judged and criticized on a skill set. In this job, many of the prerequisites happen to be external. I think that someone going into modeling has a pretty clear understanding of this.

I really enjoy that show. I think the photo shoots are often very creative. My only complaint is that they never seem to let redheads in.

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