Top Model material?

I’ve been thinking about trying out for American’s Next Top Model. I love the show and have watched almost every season. I don’t really consider myself being seen as a model. I definitely don’t wear heels everyday or make up everyday. I’ll add some pics and let me know your opinion. I’m 18 5’8’’ 130lbs athletic body type

Answer #1

Looks don’t matter lol, you should try out no matter what you look like. im not saying you’re ugly though because’ you r a prettty girl

Answer #2

“Rate me” questions are TOU, please dont do it.

As for the modeling, give it a shot, be sure to let us know what happens, I’ll cheer for you. girlfriend makes me watch it.

Answer #3

I think if you want to do it, then do it. Even though you dont consider yourself a model, that doesn’t mean a thing. Several girls on the show each cycle dont have any experience and aren’t very girly. They just look for girls who have a unique look and who are their own person. I modeled with Saleisha Stowers (winner of cycle 9) this past february and she is definately a person of her own! Just let us know!

Answer #4

If you want to try out - try out. What harm could it do.

Answer #5

I thought that show ended like 3 years ago

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