Who's going to win America's Next Top Model?

I started watching America’s next top Model with my teenage daughters. They are down to the final three contestants! Who do you want to see win?

Answer #1

Chantal has it in the bag, but Heather is still my favorite. I miss her sweet naivety and piercing eyes.

This is a great question!!

Answer #2

If Heather took speech lessons and communication classes,she could handle speaking in public. She took the best photo out of all the girls- she’ll be big, with or without ANTM. I screamed when they voted her off!

Chantal is so sunny and sweet, it’s hard not to like her. I do not like Bianca (I believe that’s her name- the black girl who had her head shaved) Such a jealous and hateful nature- glad she was voted off. And Jenna is slowly breaking down. Who else but Chantal?

Answer #3

I’m going with Chantal too! My daughter was disappointed after Heather got sent home. I thought she had a good chance at winning.

Answer #4

Based on looks alone, I want Chantal to win.

What about you?

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