When will AMC's "The Walking Dead" return for the third series?

Answer #1

I think I heard a commercial about a season starting next week

Answer #2

i love that show :)

Answer #3

It already has. The new show started last week.

Answer #4

i love that show to well intresting

Answer #5

season 3 will start in october, currently the second half of season 2 is airing sunday nights

Answer #6

Wait.. So is the second season already up? On Netflix or anything?

Answer #7

The continuation of the second season with all new episodes started last Sunday Feb.12 on AMC. It is the second half of the second season. Unlike the first season they divided the second season in two.

On Netflix they still only have the first 6 episodes, also known as season one. No word on when will they add more episodes on Netflix. The third season may air sometime in the fall of 2012 but why worry about that since all new second season second half episodes just started :P

Answer #8

no, because the second season isn’t even entirely over yet, they just started the second half last Sunday.

Answer #9

I just saw the newest eppisode last week. Which episode did you see last?

Answer #10

I luv that serious!!!

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