What does everyone think of the new TV show The Walking Dead on AMC?

Personally I love it, it’s my favorite show on TV right now, I always look forward to every Sunday. They did a great job on adapting it from the comic book.

Answer #1

I think its great! : )

Answer #2

Agreed! I love it, such a good show! Haha it’s amazing

Answer #3

i like it so far, just wondering when the main police officer is going to realize his friend has been doinking his wife while he has been away.

didn’t understand however why the tank that he hid inside didn’t work- at least to fire the machine guns- he could have swept the entire street clean- oh well, it’s tv.

Answer #4

You should read the comics if you’re interested in what happens, the show isn’t exactly like the comic but it’s pretty dam close. I’m sure some small things will be different in the show though. I personally think it’s the best comic out there, it’s the only one I constantly read. I actually like the comic better then the show, just because of the art style, and the sense of hopelessness and sadness that the back and white ink gives. I never thought I would like a black and white comic book, but it works amazing with The Walking Dead. Don’t get me wrong, the show is absolutely mind blowing and I love it, but so is the comic book.

Answer #5

Love it!

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