Am i possibly pregnant?

My boyfriend and I were fooling around, I was in my underwear and he was wearing track/running pants and boxers. We were humping and the penis was very closely into my vagina. I know I was wet, but could the sperm travel though his layers of clothing into mine?? Help!

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It is possible but there's like a 1 percent chance here. Don't have sex until you're ready, and seriously, use protection so you don't end up really young and pregnant.

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Wow - that is completely false!!!

Sperm does not die once it hits the air - thinking like that will get you pregnant.

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It's possible, but it's very unlikely. If your worried about being pregnant - take a pregnancy test if you miss your period.

From now on - use condoms and birth control to prevent any more concerns.

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Yea it could but I highly doubt that you are. Omg! yal shouldve went on and did the real deal. lol

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