How is abdominal pain while pregnant due to not eating possible?

This is for a story! Is it possible to have abdominal pain while pregnant if you are dehydrated or haven't been eating enough? Because a girl is pregnant(but doesn't know yet)and she gets sharp pain in her abdomen and I was just wondering if it's possible to get pain from being dehydrated or not eating enough.(which I told you)please help!!

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I know when you are further along in your pregnancy and you get dehydrated it can sometimes send you into fake labor which they call braxton hicks contractions.

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If she weren't eating enough, the pain would be in her stomach or just above it, not just below it. Also I don't think dehydration causes physical pain, just headaches and drowsiness.

If she doesn't go to the toilet she would get pain below her stomach.

stomach pains, it hurts when I eat

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