Am I Overweight at 5'4 and 144 pounds?

Hi im 13 years old , in Grade 8 and im 144 pounds , I think im frikin huge but I love sports like soccer and volleyball , and Im 5’4 , I dont know if Im overweight or not ? I really want to lose 25 pounds , heelpp meee ?

Answer #1

oh wow you are exactly like me…but im 19 and no you are not you are just big boned no problem with that… and I also want to lose weight but I only want to lose like 15..20 the most

Answer #2

to be honest I dont think thats fat.. at all! I think your a bit chubby.. but not fat! but if you really feel that your that fat;; you might want to look into gym.. were you can work out and lose the amount of weight that you want to loose:)

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