Am I going to Hell for having a miscarriage?


Answer #1

NO - where you spend eternity is determined by a persons acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior according to the Bible, which is what I believe…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

When we are born again, all of our sins are wiped away, and we are given a brand new slate. However, that does not give us a liscence to sin, it does make a provision, if we sin. And that is to bring that sin to God… Adam and Eve, tried to run from God, which is impossible, there is nowhere that we can go, that God is not.So.. do not try to hide from him, because you can’t. What he is looking for is a relationship, with us, where we know how much he loves us, and know also, that he understands our weaknesses, that does not mean that he lets us off the hook. We are still responsible for our actions, all of them. But, he does not want us walking in fear… afraid that we will make a mistake and be doomed… he is not that way, at all. Satan would have us think so, but, when you read his word, you learn, what his nature is like, and that is just not a part of him. If we are loving him, and grateful for what he has done for us, we do not want to sin. He gradually removes that, and we find pleasure in it, less and less. That is his will and his plan. And he wants us to recognize what sin is, and that we have power over it. We do not have to follow the impulse to sin… if God lives within us, he is the power that we need, to turn from sin, and do good, instead. He also teaches us what good is, in his eyes, and by his standards. However, we must read his word, to understand… who he is, and what he wants. Then, if we sin, we take it to him, asking for his forgiveness, putting it under the blood. Gradually we become free from it. Sometimes we have something that is very hard to break, even though we truly do not want to do it, we still do, then we need to fast. That helps to break the hold that sin has on us. Like someone earlier said, if you intentionally did something to cause the death of your baby, yes, you would be guilty, but, that does not put you beyond redemption, God is still able to forgive you, and cleanse you of the deed, you would then, need to be able to forgive yourself, which is much harder to do, but, with Gods help, all things are possible. If you just lost the baby, simply because something was wrong, then you have nothing to fear.

Answer #3

Provided that you are a Christian, you can only go to hell if you commit a mortal sin and don’t repent of it.

A mortal sin has 3 parts, all of which have to be present in order for it to be a mortal sin. If any one of the three is missing, then it is venial (less serious) sin or no sin at all. The 3 parts are as follows:

  1. The act in itself has to be a grave matter I.e. something that violates the ten commandments (as outlined and expanded in the Gospels). This is what most people mean when they say “that’s a mortal sin.”

  2. You have to have knowledge that the act is a mortal sin and have sufficient time for reflectiontion (a second can be enough time depending on the action).

  3. You have to have full consent of your will. No one can be forced to commit a mortal sin, they have to choose to do it. If they don’t, then it’s a venial sin or no sin at all. You can’t be held responsible for the mortal sin if your will is impared.

Note: There can also be other mitigating factors that lessen the gravity of an action in particular circumstances; There could be psychological factors to consider as well as the habitual nature of some grave sins.

Only things that meet all of the above criteria can cause people to go to hell. Furthermore, no sin is unforgivable except refusing to accept God’s mercy and forgivness. (Jesus refers to that phenomenon as ‘blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.’) People can repent of any sin at any time in their life, even at the moment of death.

Therefore: no person is capable or authorized to judge the state of another person’s soul. Each person is responsible for examining his or her own conscience and determining what they need to ask forgiveness for.

The short answer to your question is: I don’t know? But I will give you a hint and let you know that a “miscarraige” isn’t grave matter if it happened naturally.

Answer #4

Romans 10:9-10
9That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.

No you will not go to hell for having a miscarage. You will go to hell if you do not believe whole heartedly in this verse

Answer #5

Exodus 21:22 says that the penalty for causing a miscarriage is a fine determined by the judges. There is no penalty given for a miscarriage happening naturally (and wouldn’t that be God’s will, after all?).

Answer #6

I’d say no. Providing it was not a conscious choice. A miscarriage is not only physically hurtful, but the self guilt that can, and often does, render a woman grief stricken is hard enough. Many of my female relatives, at some point, have had a miscarriage because of one thing or another.

Answer #7

did you mean a miscariage, (lose your baby)? if so, then the answer is no, unless you purposely killed your baby or caused yourself to lose the baby. even then I don’t really have the real answer, it’s all in what you believe. and you’ll never really find out until you die.

Answer #8

you only go to hell, if hell exists. no matter what people are going to say, regarding your question, it comes down to what is fact, and most religions make up their own beliefs and tell people that if they don’t follow that then they will go to hell. don’t worry about it hun. if you believe in god and you are a good hearted person, you can find a place in heaven, that’s just what I believe. we will all find out someday, until then…believe what you want to and not what others tell you

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Answer #10

I wish you well hun and take care of yourself

Answer #11

I agree with the others and say no.

Answer #12


Answer #13

I don’t think that any religion thinks that a miscarriage is anything to blame a woman for. It’s a personal tragedy, not a sin. So it certainly wouldn’t be the cause of anyone going to hell.

Answer #14

I feel your pain I have lost a child myself no if you lost the baby you wont go to hell

Answer #15

no, only if it was an abortion, then you probably are. that’s like killing your friend.

Answer #16

if you are not a born again christian then you will go to hell. you cant go to heaven if you dont have jesus in your life

Answer #17

forgiveness is the key , but you have to truly be sorry

Answer #18

Depends what you believe really. You need to ask for forgiveness in your heart.

Answer #19

I agree with sadstephanie!!!

Answer #20

NO you will not. That is the answer to the only question you asked, you did not ask for any other answer. You will not go to hell for having a miscarriage.

Answer #21

no you can only go there if you r truly a bad person! if you hate god (which I dont) then you just might go there! if you belive but dont go to church thats ok too! but yeah like I said if your a bad person then yeah you just might go!

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