Are you still not allowed to join the army if you are gay?

Answer #1

That ban has been lifted.

Answer #2

They have always been able to join but they had to keep thier sexual preferance under wraps. you can now be open but if you are legally married to the same sex the military refuses to give your spouse benefits. i’ve seen this first hand by a woman in my husbands unit. It’s bull.

Answer #3

You can always go to the army gay or not gay people are also people :)

Answer #4

People don’t care about orientation so you can join the army if your gay or not.

Answer #5

You can openly be gay in the military now because don’t ask don’t tell was repealed. :D

Answer #6

they could have always joined but weren’t allowed to say anything about they are allowed to join openly. but to be honest knowing the military if you are gay you will probably still be harassed and more not well as respected by your Superior and or the people under you.i think this is wrong but it is sadly true

Answer #7

i never so in my life gay people ,.,., are they REAL

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