All my tests came back negative,but Im still miserable.

Im sitll coughing Phlem,I still have a fever of 101,and my throat still hurts more than anything. My doctor told me all my tests were negative,and he didnt prescribe me anything. This is really horrible,I go back to school on Tuesday.

What am I supposed to do?!

Answer #1

babe I know how you feel, theres a virus going round, I’ve been ill since monday its now saturday and im still ill I’ve been the doctors etc yadda yadda and I feel like a bag of sh!t just drink lots of water and get lots of rest all I’ve done since monday is sleep and drink water xx hope you get better soon xx

Answer #2

u know what you shuld say F* YOU 2 your doctor, seek a chinese herbal medicine doctors or read a book named Dead Doctors dont lie, it shows how screwed up doctors r, chinese herbal doctors can get you healed FAST!, unlike american doctors who are really like drug dealers :P hope you feel better

Answer #3

Go to a better doctor. If you have all those symptoms, and he didn’t prescribe ANYTHING. Then he doesn’t know what he’s doing…

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