Why don't they make alcohol illegal if it causes so many deaths/injuries?

Answer #1

Then I think there will be duzen injuries n deaths than there is right now at the moment.

Answer #2

No, there wouldn’t be. Less people would be drinking (I know people will still drink) and getting drunk which equals less deaths and injuries.

Answer #3

I believe its a 50/50 game.win or lose.but better it being illegal than legal chances are better that way that people won’t suffer much damage .

Answer #4

I don’t have an answer but I feel the same way. Marijuana & alcohol need to switch positions.

Answer #5

Because its a billion dollar industry. If it were to become illegal, the government would lose a lot of money. Laws are created to make money somehow in any way.

Answer #6

Cars cause millions of deaths and injuries, why not make them illegal? There are plenty of things that can cause death and injury but are still seen in everyday life. Making alcohol illegal would start some kind of black market for it. Do you think that wouldn’t cause more injuries as well? If it’s not abused, alcohol is fine. Just because some people are moronic in the way they deal with things doesn’t mean it should be made illegal.

Answer #7

Alcohol was illegal in the USA in the prohibition time, in the 1920s. People did not drink less alcohol though.

Simple, naturally fermented alcoholic beverages (beers, wines, fruit wines, honey mead) are pretty easy to home-make. So everyone just started brewing. You can make alcohol out of everything that contains starch or sugar. Even from potatoes.

Plus the mafia became rich by illegal trade of alcohol.

Plus, there were many badly distilled alcoholic drinks on the black market. Because heavy alcoholica - those that have to be distilled - are not as easy to home-make. Badly distilled alcoholica can be poisonous. If people don’t have the right equipment or if they don’t know what they are doing, then things can go very bad very fast. People go blind or die of Alcohol that contains methanol. http://funadvice.com/r/c0c4jhgmfph The state can’t control the quality of illegal products. You see?

Answer #8

Alcohol is easier to make than Marijuana plants to grow.

Alcohol you just need about $15 dollars in ingredients then you can make yourself moonshine. However, risks involved in making moonshine is very risky, blindness, respiratory problems, even death occurs from it.

If you make Weed legal, then gang violence will flare.

Cie la vie.

As with anything, responsibility is what separates the idiots and the mature people.

Answer #9

Why would legal weed make any violence flare? As far as I know, the substances that make people violent are cr*ck, speed and meth. All the stoners I have met were rather peaceful, indifferent and waaay too lazy to do anything violent. Maybe the gangs would start riots because the legally sold weed would destroy their previous illegal income source. Because they can’t deal with coffe, cigarettes and beer either….

Answer #10

Legalizing weed puts a lot of people out of business actually.

Answer #11

It’s not alcohol that causes deaths/injuries; it’s when people drink too much or drink and drive.

Also (I don’t drink myself but), I know that a little alcohol can be good for the body (especially red wine).

Answer #12

Knowing a bit about the subject I have to interject. Homemade liquor is not risky and won’t blind you. Alcohol from fermentation is mainly ethanol which is fine. Fermentation, especially at higher temperatures can produce small amounts of toxic fuesl alcohol but not enough to hurt you. The reasons some people were blinded or killed by illegal moonshine was because unscrupulous distillers added things like methanol to their hooch. It was the things they adulterated their moonshine with that made it dangerous.

Answer #13

The liquor industry is huge in the US

Answer #14

Hence, peoples insistance to utilize it legal or not, made it necessary to erradicate through legalization the unscurpulous that were harming folks. It not only ended the expense of prohibiting a lost cause, it added to the tax basin to legalize a safer product.

Answer #15

Making it illegal, again…would not stop it…it would just bring about the unsafe and harmful effects that caused so much damage when it was in prohibition …to be relived again. The only differnce I see in this day and age…it would be even more likely it would be the youngrt generation that would inclined to take more of a chance then adults on what could blind or kill them.

Answer #16

Just as a gun, knife, or anything viewed as a weapon cannot harm or kill without a human hand behind it…No substance, be it alcohol or drg legal or otherwise has anymore capability…It boils down to the human utilization of it. Legal drgs kill everyday too. Reckless and road rage drivers do too, as do dr^g addicts (legal, illegal, and unknowing mixers). In the end it’s not those things, but the choices and decisions the human makes about those things they choose…Their action vs reaction, as a result. Excess to anything can turn destructive and harmful if one is addicted to it’s excess. .

Answer #17

I agree with this answer. Its just like how people say religion causes war and dea.th but its not religion its people. if not religioin then we would find something else to fight about..money…power…land….greed… and so on. people will find a way to drink even if it is illegal.. just like dru.gs

Answer #18

i agree. I always here that religion causes war but its not its people..if not religion then they would fight about somethin else… money … power. land. greed and so on… people will drink it whether its illegal or not

Answer #19

woops lol

Answer #20

Yup, alcohol will be forced to go underground. and if people were to get into trouble, like get alcohol poisoning or whatever, people wouldn’t call for help so they would die. I did a paper on this before…

Answer #21

u tryn ruin a homies life huh? its hard out here in da struggle stevie bigomes reporting out

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