I have little white bumps in my...'girlie part'

I have little white bumps in my…’girlie part’

I’m a virgin so it can’t be an STD

Answer #1

Its probly just an ingrown hair. If your a virgin don’t worry about it. If it hurts you can take a wash cloth run it in hot water and hold in there until it gets cold then reapply. Do this about three times a day and it will come to a head and bust.Then if you see a hair coming out where the bump is you can take some tweezers and pull it out.

Answer #2

did you just shave lmao

Answer #3

I made a huge mistake by shaving all the hair in my girlie part and like 3-2 days it started bringing little boils there till now it’s still there but my aunt Amanda told me when she was 17 she did that to but then she said if I shaved all of it would itch so bad that I would cry but thanks goodness it hasn’t but if u shaved with someone elses shaving stick u can have infections.

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