Is there any hope for me?

Okay so I’m a teenager and my butt sticks out and nothing can look good on me. I’m very healthy it’s just I have this butt that sicks out…I try diet, and running and walking a lot, but nothing! Is there ANY WAY possible to make this butt stick IN instead of way out there.?

Is there any hope for me!?


Answer #1

I like big butts, and I cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny: when a girl walks in, with an itty-bitty waist, and a round thing in my face- I get sprung.

Answer #2

Try some specific exercises for glutes.

Step1 Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands at your sides and weight on your heels. Step2 Lower your body as if you were going to sit in a chair and raise your arms straight out in front of you until they are parallel with the floor. Get down as low as you can go without letting your knees move forward. Look straight ahead. Step3 Stand up, pulling your hands down to your sides. Step4 Do sets of 15 to 20 repetitions. You should feel a burn in the back of your legs and glutes. Step5 Add weight when you feel more confident. Hold a 3 to 5 pound barbell in each hand and rest the weights on your shoulders, or place a 9 to 12 pound bar across the fleshy part of the back of your neck. Be careful not to lean forward. Modify Your Squats to Tone Glutes Step1 Squat as above, but instead of standing up right away, do 15 to 20 mini-squats or “pulses” at the bottom of your squat. Step2 Do a one-legged squat by crossing one leg in front of the other and resting that foot on top of the other foot. Do 15 to 20 squats, keeping your weight on your heel. Step3 Try a squat with one leg on top of a step about curb-high. Your feet should be a couple of feet apart. Drop straight down into a squat, being careful to balance your bodyweight centered on your heels. Tone Glutes with Kickbacks Step1 Get on to your hands and knees. Step2 Keep one knee at a 90-degree angle and move the leg straight up as one unit, alternately pointing the toe and keeping the foot flat. Step3 Do two sets of 10 repetitions, being careful not to arch your back. Tips & Warnings

* Tighten your abdominal muscles while doing squats to support your back and engage more muscle groups in your workout.
* See a doctor before beginning any workout routine.
* Performing an exercise or lifting a weight incorrectly can cause injury. If you're unfamiliar with weights or weighted bars, ask a qualified gym professional or trainer to show you what to do.
* Use a mirror to monitor the position of your knees while you squat. They should never move in front of your toe.
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