aggression problem at 3 months?

I have an American Stafordshire Pitbull Terrier about 3 months old. He is already showing a lot of aggression at a young age such as, when someone walks in the door he barks and grawls like crazy and walks toward them, but then he realizes that its his owners so he backs off. Acts like he wants to fight with our other dogs which are like 6 times his size. What could I do to calm his aggression down?

Answer #1

Your dog just has a natural dominant behaviour, acctually, my mother has the exact same problem with her cocker spaniel.- Never excuse the age of the dog , each dog have their own individual personality, some are dominant, others are submissive. and it’s never too early or too late to teach your dog how you want him to behave.

There are a few tricks to make your dog realize who’s boss. You can…

The spray bottle often works miracles, spray the dog EVERYTIME you catch him doing something you don’t want him to do ( they hate it).

without being rough nor too soft, lay your dog on the ground on his side and say no, it’ll give him the indication that you are the pack leader and that he should listen to you.

Make eye contact when disciplining him, and make sure he’s the one who looks away first.

Always Insist your disciplines, never occasionally, so the dog understands. Walk him or play with him daily often so he gets exhausted and doesn’t spend negative extra energy on other dogs/people.

Answer #2

It’s in his nature, you just have to teach him right from wrong now since he’s young. show him TLC. Look things up about calming aggression on Yahoo, or websites and things.

Answer #3

well right now he’s a puppy, its not really aggression, its just play. and the growling at the door is’s his territory and he knows it(:

but if you dont like the aggression, handle him. tell him no firmly everytime he does something you dont like.

if he listens, give him a treat. its better to teach him now to when he gets older.

and if you dont want to train him by yurself, Petsmart has a good training thing for dogs. (:

Answer #4

I agree with vanschar…this is a dominant dog, within a naturally dominant breed…at 3 months, hormones aren’t his problem…At this time in his life, I’d get him to obedience class (puppy classes), giving him the opportunity to socialize with strange humans, and other dogs…this is an absolute MUST with all dominant breeds. Giving him bundles of experience while he’s still young and impressionable…take him out everyday (on a leash) and let him meet new dogs, people…go to the park, sit by grocery store…this is the time to get and keep him under your leadership…

Playtime is also very important…it makes them tired, and it strengthens the bond between you…


Answer #5

I may be young but all my familly are vets or vet techs. I did a traing class just for pit bulls the best thing to do while there you is to get the nuetered it takes thirty days for the testrone to get out. when the dog gets agrasive with you while he/she is young roll he/she on its back and keep it there even while he/she wiggles. I have 8 pit bulls myself I love them so much but you need to be stern with them.

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