When a cane corso is 4 1/2 months does bunny hop is it a problem?

Hallo .I want to ask if it is normal for a puppy cane corso 4months and 15 days old to do bunny hopping?thank you .im very afraid that he has problem.

Answer #1

Ditto to hippie…all large dog pups have strange gaits. I know that ‘bunny hopping’ is supposed to be a sign of hip displaysia, but that’s not necessarily so…

If you’re still concerned by the time he’s 6 or 8 months old, or if he starts hurting…then take him in for x-rays. Chances are he’s just fine.


Answer #2

my yorkie poo hops but on if hes in tall grass(since hes small)and partly because hes really hyperand playful.(hes 3)your dogs still young and sounds like hes still small or if hes big then he mite just b confused lol I hope this made sense because I started to confuse myself…

Answer #3

He’s a puppy, although there huge dogs you still need to keep in mind it’s young so it’s gonna be playfull. If it seems in pain or anything though then take it to a vet.

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