Why am I always afraid people have cameras in their bathroom and are watching me change or urinate?

Answer #1

perhaps youve heard about those stories in the news and would hate it to happen to you, so youve become aware that there could possibly be a camera?

Answer #2

It is illegal so don’t worry about it

Answer #3

I feel the same way. Its just because your one of those kind of people that “thinks the worst of things” like for example if your in the car and you go “oh shi- what if this and this happens and this happens and then we all DIE!” Thats like me. You just have a big imagination and your just like cautious of everything. And just thinking of someone watching you change is really…. awkward..

Answer #4

Oh yeah, and so what if they see you? Flaunt what ya got girl!

Answer #5

in a mild case it could be related to a fear or phobia… of what i dont know. in an extreme case, it could be paranoia. or perhaps you are insecure, causing your imagination to run.

Answer #6

watching too much big brother? ;)

Answer #7

Ital Babe, that would make for some weird friends…

Answer #8

I sometimes think that, then I think well you know what… I HOPE there are cameras because when I find the camera and turn them in, I’ll get rich. $_$

Answer #9

I am too, who would not be scared to have their privacy taken away.

Answer #10

maybe its because some of the movies you watched?

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