Are advisors locking questions?

are advisors locking some questions?

Answer #1

Yes. If its a question about taking part in an illegal act or harmful act, the question will most definitly will be locked. Or if the question being act that contains private information, it will also be locked. It all makes sence. When you sign up you should read the Terms of Service and you will understand. There wont be no surprises.

Answer #2

sometimes reason we can’t work out

If you have an example of this, please send it to me, and I’ll review :) We try very hard to be consistant…but, we’re only human.

Answer #3

Advisors lock questions that are against Terms of Service- or any type of question that deals with self harm.

Answer #4

. . . . .yes. . . . .

Answer #5

yep for amillion different reasons and sometimes reason we can’t work out!

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