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I need some advice on my love life.

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I am a 20 year old women and my boyfriend is 31 .. We have known each other since July so thats about 6 months now and started dating in oct . In the beginning when we first met I was still kind of trying to fix my relationship with my ex that ended a year and a half ago but at the same time trying to move on and my boyfriend now knew that. He also got out of a six year long relationship a year ago. I didn't have sex with him until sept so I made him wait 2 months for it. We have been together every single day since we started opening up to each other. I haven't seen him talking to any girls unless they were his coworkers . And this one time he was texting some girl jessica before he went to his cousins wedding and i asked him about her and he said it was it one of his cousins friend and that they were talking about me but he wouldnt open the messages in front of me. Before those Jessica text i have looked thru his phone and found nothing that I would cause me to loose trust for him. He also trusts me and we hardly ever fight and he never accuses me of cheating on him but when we do have that conversation he always says he's afraid that I will cheat on him. He did tell me yesterday that he's been thinking about the future and also has told me he doesnt want me to string him along becus he wants to be in it for the long run. We are very happy together but the only thing that i am a little worried about is that he does go to the gym and is very well built and cares a lot about his looks. And ever since i seen that jessica girl texting him i have been very suspicious that he might really be doing something behind my back. In the beginning when we first started dating we had sex everyday and now 3 months later well have sex sometimes atleast 4 times a week and sometimes when I try to have sex he doesn't want it becus he's too "tired" at night or has to leave for work at 730 so only has an hr of sleep left. I don't know what to think . Somebody help me out ):