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Addicted to soda what can I do to forget about soda I always crave for it what can I do I love to drink juice but I always perfer soda I hate water how can I get used to the taste my friend hasn't drank soda for two years I wanna be like her but I need help

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I was addicted to Pepsi and coke for almost 40 years. It never bothered me until recently.
Drinking soda, especially colas can cause hypokalemenia. It is basically a potassium/sodium imbalance from mainly the phosporic acid. It causes your muscle fiber to weaken and adrenaline exhaust as well. I feel I have some central nerve damage too. It can also be life threatening.
Also if you are drinking diet soda that is the worst, I would do some links on dangers of aspartame but you can look, that up since site doesn't allow links.

One of the ways I overcame my being addicted was eating healthy and getting the right vitamins, switching to sea salt and healthier foods. When your PH balance is right and other things in your system are balanced you don't have cravings as much

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Non of you answered my question correctly except for like 2 I asked what are some ways I can stop craving what can I do to stop drinking for me water taste nasty what ca I do to get used to taste

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all soda drinks contain sugar
and they will affect your health and can make you gain weight
try better things like water, flavoiured water, vitamine, water, tea, ect
dont switch to energy drinks because they also contain sugars

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try club soda with lime or lemon. one of my faves for sure thats what I do when I crave soda

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yea I am too, like the answerer above I love mountain dew, and even if other drinks are healthier for me, I'm sticking with soda because it tastes good, I don't really care what the hell it does to my body as long as it makes me feel good for that moment

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look im a mt dew drinker have been for years, drink 6 or more cans a day I can go days without it if I drink tea and lots of it its the caffine your craving just get you a gallon of sweet tea the kroger kind is really good

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