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What do you get if you add spirits together?

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If your spirit voice, your inner reading voice - your thinking voice(s), the one you generally pray with and to talk to God with in whatever manner seems best to you voice - is in your head with your spirit, does that not mean that every person’s head is a house of God? Whether you believe in Adam or in evolution or in some other first pairing, we are all kin (unless you believe all the armies and bandits of the past were celibate), and related to each other in one way or another going back thousands of years. If all of Humanity on the Earth is one great holistic super-organism (oop, I nearly said the wrong thing!), would we become more holy if we networked more and tried to understand each other better? What sort of holy spirit do we appear to be so far? Are we what we’re supposed to be at this stage, or should we be further ahead? If we’re an as-yet imperfect form of God-child, in Dad’s image, what will be when we grow up?