what is the absolute worst thing you've ever said to one of your parents?

do you regret it?

Answer #1

“I hate you”. I said it to my mom during a fight. It was stupid and it made her cry and I felt horrible. I was stupid to say it and I regretted it.

Answer #2

I’ve said a lot of stuff lol. I called my mum a stupid wh*re and I said that if dad killed himself I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised, and it would be all her fault. Uhmmm….yeah there’s probably been worse :P And, no, I don’t regret it at all. Everything I say or do to my parents is the result of them saying or doing something equally if not more awful to me.

Answer #3

I called my mum a s**g. I could see how much i hurt her when i said that.

Answer #4

I will say, from experience, I’ve said some shitty things to my mom when I was a teen. I was angry because I thought I was mature enough to do the things I wanted. It’s easy to say things which you feel you don’t/won’t regret. But later in life, you will regret it. I promise you that. I regret with my whole heart saying the things I did. Your parents do what they feel is best to keep you protected, WHICH IS THEIR JOB!! Today, I would NEVER say those things to my mom, no matter how wrong she is or how angry she makes me. It is called RESPECT. Unless they are physically harming you, I believe it is not the kids place to spit ugly words. They should think how THEY are mentally abusing their parents!!

Answer #5

I told my dad that he sucked as a father.

Answer #6

I told my father I couldnt wait to move away for univeristy so I could get away from him. I said it when we were arguing and I had no idea how upset it would make him

Answer #7

i moved out because my mum chose my step-dad over me. we’ve had a lot of fights and i’ve called him a cold blooded, heartles, piece of sht cnt and i hope he’d trip when he’s crossing the road and get hit by a bus. stuff like that. at the time i hated him. i’m over it now - now i couldn’t care less if he died or lived - so i don’t regret anything. but my mum, the worst i’ve said to her is that she’s a bad mother. i love her to pieces so i couldn’t say anything else to her. even saying that hurt her a lot so i couldn’t bare to say anything else. she’s definitely said worse to me.

Answer #8

I almost called my mom a bitch during an argument. I do regret it fully.

Answer #9


Answer #10

Ive probably called my mum every name under the sun, I told my dad he means nothing to me and that i wouldnt feel any loss if he were to drop dead. My mum….I think the worst thing ive said to her was the truth….that shes a terrible mother, that shes a deluded narcisistic b*tch n that i wish shed died giving birth to me. But as Conner said…..”its all the result of them saying or soemthing something equally if not more awful to me”. I feel bad for the things ive said, but still no regret.

Answer #11

I thin the worst thing i ever said to my mom, is that i called her stupid. :/

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